At the Summit: The Agile Process of Bringing the Rough Drafts to Atlanta

I was so excited to be included as one of the bloggers for this year’s STC Summit in Atlanta. My blog posts are the story of bringing the Rough Drafts band to the Summit’s 60th Anniversary celebration party, comparing them to Agile sprints.

You can read them here:

Part 1 is about how it almost did not happen.

Part 2 is about overcoming a few obstacles.

Part 3 is the happy ending.

The Rough Drafts band at #STC13

Left to right: Stephen Adler, Rich Maggiani, Viqui Dill, and Robert Hershenow

Thank you note

Monkey of shame on my desk

Monkey of shame on my desk

There’s a monkey of shame on my desk.

My IT department has this monkey and you “earn” it by making a big public mistake.

Yes. I earned the monkey this time. I keep it until it is earned by somebody else.

So today it is mine and I will own it. I goofed up. I goofed up publicly. I goofed up big. I goofed up. Again.

And yet today was a great day because of how some of my friends reacted to the situation.

There were many in my life that reacted with love and support and truth, making sure that I heard another opinion than the one that was playing in my head. 

They reminded me that I am good at what I do. Even today when it is hard to believe that I am good at anything at all, they reminded me that I am respected in my field, that it was earned the hard way, and that I must not let today take that away from me.

They reminded me to be brave and not run and hide. One friend even sent me this awesome video. I know it’s melodramatic to think this song was for me, but the song sure was comforting today.

And I say a heartfelt “thank you” to each and every one of you.

I respect your opinion.

  • Because you are people of integrity and I am at loose ends.
  • Because you are people of courage when I want to run and hide.
  • Because you are people of the truth and I need that clarity.

And I shall be eternally grateful for your supportive words and actions today.

Especially today.