InterChangeNE: Day Two – Seven awesome presentations

On March 29th and 30th, I attended InterChange 2014, STC New England’s annual conference at the UMass Lowell conference center in Lowell, Massachusetts. The conference is well planned and well attended. Local conferences have an advantage over the international Summit conference because they are shorter and cost less for the travel, room and board, and the shorter length keeps you from wandering around on the fifth day sleep deprived and overloaded. The smaller size allows you to recognize faces and develop real relationships with your fellow technical communicators.

This post is about Day Two. You might also enjoy reading Day One.

Day Two: Say hello to InterChangeNE


Signage at the conference makes it easy to find the right room

On March 29th, seven terrific speakers will give presentations. All of us will have breakfast together, then attend the keynote speech, then choose three of the six presentations on the program.

It’s hard to choose and I’m wishing for a time machine.

During breakfast, I meet Karen Smith and Patricia Gale from Autodesk and make a note to attend their presentation about agile documentation. Karen and Patty will be previewing their Summit presentation here for us at InterChangeNE. Since their presentation is at the exact same time as my Lightning Talk, I’m glad to see it today.


Cindy Currie-Clifford delivers the keynote speech to open the conference. She talks about the history of the InterChange conference. The New England chapter has a rich history, spanning decades, transitioning organizations, and partnering with industry and academia. I was both impressed and overwhelmed with the scope of Cindy’s talk.

Mostly what I remember about Cindy’s talk is that it snows during the conference. It snows a lot. Cindy had photos of huge mountains of snow.

Social Me: Taking Control of Your Online Image

Social Me: Taking Control of Your Online Image Brenda Huettner

Social Me: Taking Control of Your Online Image
Brenda Huettner

Brenda Huettner brings us a grab bag of social media savvy and gives us permission to google ourselves.

Brenda is funny and engaging and taught me a thing or two about interacting with the web.

In this photo, Brenda explains how our kids are blocking us in Facebook without us even knowing it.

While Brenda was talking, some of us took photos of her and posted them to Facebook. Brenda opens up her Facebook newsfeed and sees herself on the screen. Awesome!

Happy Hour

InterChangeNE Happy Hour

InterChangeNE Happy Hour photo by Rick Lippincott

Thank you Global Vision, Inc. for sponsoring our happy hour at the Old Court Restaurant and Pub.

Here’s a photo of me, Cindy Currie and Anna Pratt (left to right) taken by conference chair Rick Lippincott. Rick is a talented and prolific photographer and took a bazillion awesome photos of the event. Check them out on his flickr photostream.

Happy hour is a fun way to unwind after the presentations of the first day and the rain falling outside just makes it feel warmer and friendlier inside this local Irish pub.

Sushi #1

Instagram collage of the food on Saturday

Instagram collage of the food on Saturday: Jim and me, sushi, sake, and hot and sour soup

We had dinner at Etsogo Sushi and Asian Restaurant.

I really should say “We had our first of several dinners at Etsogo.”

We really like this place. It has a family atmosphere and Rick Lippincott knows the staff.

The sushi was amazing with lots of choices for American tastes with cooked fish and shellfish, wrapped in layers of avocado and covered with sauce.

Go there if you’re anywhere near Lowell and tell Irene “Hi y’all” from me.

Now to go to bed so I can be well rested for Day Three.




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