InterChangeNE: Day Three – Naked Chris and other Social Media Success Stories

On March 29th and 30th, I attended InterChange 2014, STC New England’s annual conference at the UMass Lowell conference center in Lowell, Massachusetts. It’s my first time presenting at a local chapter conference and I’m so excited about the opportunity. My goal for the day is to break as few things as possible and impersonate a grownup.

This post is about Day Three. You might also enjoy reading Day One and Day Two.

Getting Ready

Instagram collage of me getting ready for the presentation: making coffee, ironing my shirt, putting on make up, and setting up the computer

Instagram collage of me getting ready for the presentation: making coffee, ironing my shirt, putting on make up, and setting up the computer

I’m so excited about the day, I even found the iron in the closet of my room at the Conference Center.

I ironed my shirt and drank all the self-serve coffee in the room. Then I went out in the lobby for more coffee. Thank you to UMass for all this awesome coffee.

I found makeup in my purse and put some on my face, mostly hitting the target, but very out of practice.

The wonderful UMass conference center staff were in the room bright and early and let me use the remote control for the laptop. It has a laser pointer on top, which I thought was just too cool.

Social Media Success Stories!

Viqui at the podium

Here I am at the podium as I begin the presentation about Social Media success stories
Photo by Rick Lippincott

The talk begins and I’m having fun. Social media is one of my favorite topics and the story we’re telling today has a happy ending as I used some fun graphics and memes in Facebook to spread the word about an event for my church.

We start out with a serious discussion about EdgeRank, the algorithm Facebook uses to figure out what it will show and what it will hide in your NewsFeed. We start out all brainy, defining parameters and using big math concepts long dormant to discuss how to use the process to our advantage.

Viqui Presents Naked Chris

Viqui shows the top reaching slide of the Naked Chris meme to the attendees at InterChangeNE
Photo by Rick Lippincott

Then the fun begins and we look at the silly graphics and memes.

You can check them out on Facebook here and here if you want to see the originals. While you’re there, you can like them (please) and maybe leave a comment (please please please).

Lots of nice folks showed up for the presentation. These folks are so smart and asked great questions. Some of them told great stories about their own social media journey.

When the presentation was just about over, we gathered for a group photo as a way of saying thanks to Adobe for their generous sponsorship of the conference.

Thank you Adobe

After the presentation, we gather up front for a group photo to say
“Thank you” to Adobe and STC New England
Photo by Rick Lippincott


Many thanks to Rick Lippincott for all the photos of the conference. Be sure to check out his flickr photostream.

And I didn’t break anything. Goal accomplished!

I posted the slides online, so have a look for yourself.

Communicating with the Audiences of the Future

Steve Jong brought us a brilliant analysis of how different generations think, act, communicate, and feel. Steve’s slides are on slideshare. Check them out.

Creating Accessible Documents with Microsoft Word

Brenda Huettner, Cindy Currie-Clifford, Char James-Tanney, and me

Here I am with some technical communications superstars: Brenda Huettner, Cindy Currie-Clifford, and Char James-Tanney

Char James-Tanny is one of my tech comm heros. I am so star struck when I’m around her. She spoke about accessibility, specifically relating to Word, and also in general everyday life. She is knowledgeable and generous with her knowledge. She is well respected in our field. She has purple hair. I ask for a picture of us together.

We are pictured here with Brenda Huettner and Cindy Currie-Clifford, two of my other tech comm heros. And the photo is taken by Ed Marshall, another superstar and an amazing bass player.

Closing Speech & Raffle

At the end of the conference, we all gathered for a closing speech by Rick Lippincott about “Looking Backward” and gave a fun history of technical communication throughout history. Rick, if you’re reading this, please share your slides. I want to steal some of your ideas.

Then STC New England chapter president Emily Alfson and VP Nancy Allison draw tickets for the raffle. I didn’t win but it was fun to be a part of seeing others win.

Sushi #2

We did not start out to eat sushi again after the conference. We tried to go to several other places but none of them were open on a Sunday afternoon. I was secretly hoping that we could have sushi. The conference center did not start serving dinner until 4:30 and we were hungry at 3:30. I was secretly hoping that we could have sushi. The Irish Pub was closed. I was secretly hoping that we could have sushi. Another pub down the street was also closed. Dunkin Donuts was open. I was secretly hoping that we could have sushi.

We had dinner at Etsogo Sushi and Asian Restaurant. Again. Yay.

The conference is over but we’re staying in town for a day of site seeing. More about that on Day Four.


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