I am a #TechComm Evangelist

Here are some functions of an evangelist

  • Spreads the good news
  • Coaches community members to sharpen their skills
  • Cheers community members who are preparing the way

I am crazy about spreading good news.

Don’t ever tell me a secret that’s good news. I will want to announce your promotion, engagement, or baby immediately. It will eat me up inside that I know something happy and can’t share it. I will want to take photos and post on all my social media outlets right away.

I love to coach people who are just a few steps behind me on their journey.

If you’re new to the journey, let me encourage you to try out everything you can. Together we can find new fun things to explore, new fun people to meet, and new fun outlets to show off your work.

If you’ve been on the journey a little while, let me help you identify your superpowers. Then, I’ll encourage you to go use them. After you have figured out what works for you, there’s no reason to keep focusing on improving the weak spots. You can start using your strengths and get in your 10,000 hours toward being a virtuoso.

Rock stars don’t have to focus on their gardening. Ninjas don’t have to worry about their cooking. Other people can be gardeners and chefs. We’ll all be happiest when we let the ninjas be ninjas. In STC, we have lots of great talents. Let’s give you a place to express yours. Put away that kryptonite and fly.

I love to be a cheerleader for people who are showing the way.

It amazes me how many of us don’t know that we’re above average at things that come easily. Most people think that if something is easy for them, it must be easy for everyone, and therefore it’s not special.

That’s crazy talk. We need to think a new way and we need cheerleaders on the sidelines giving lots of encouragement.

And that’s what I want to do, you rock star, you. You are pretending that your superpower is common and easy. I want to help you see it as rare and valuable. And we both want you to find a place to use it.

Volunteer service does not have to be a burden or a drag if you’re already doing what you love. Let’s put our heads together and plug you in.


I’d appreciate your support in the election. But more importantly, I want you to say “Yes” to STC. We need you.

Read all the posts, beginning January 5th and posting every other day, in my blog at https://viquidill.wordpress.com/

See all the slides on my slideshare account, http://www.slideshare.net/viqui_dill


3 thoughts on “I am a #TechComm Evangelist

    • Lori – You are one of the rock stars we admire so much. Your super powers keep the profession thriving. Thank you so much for all you do, all you have done, and all that you so freely share.


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