You are smart

STC needs you because you are smart. You can explain hard things.

  • You understand technology
  • You understand people
  • You make technology understandable to people

Read Rick Lippincott’s article about explaining things in the STC’s Intercom from April 2014. Rick has a great take on how our technical writing skills set us up for a bright future.

You understand technology.

You speak geeksta. You speak API. You can read HTML, XML, and JavaScript. You can read a flat diagram and translate it into 3-D in your head.

Both sides of your brain are alive as you activate language, science, math, and visual design centers all at once to grasp the big picture.

Deep dives into the details and laser focus are easy for you because you are gifted with natural curiosity as you dig in, layer by layer.

Your depth and breadth are remarkable.

You understand people.

You really care about the folks for whom you write. You put a lot of time and energy into studying them.

I have seen you pull apart the analytics for your content. I have seen you pouring over eye-tracking heat diagrams. I have studied your wire frames that prove you can forecast user needs and priorities.

You know the difference in what people say and what they do.

You make technology understandable to people.

Somehow you are able to combine your love of technology with your love of people, and produce timely and targeted documentation that is both technical and understandable.

Good for you, Technical Communicator! You can do the impossible task of explaining hard things.


I’d appreciate your support in the election. But more importantly, I want you to say “Yes” to STC. We need you, smarty-pants.

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2 thoughts on “You are smart

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