You will benefit

Say “Yes” to STC because you will benefit.

Volunteering is good for you! Barrie Byron said it best in her #STC14 lightning talk. See her presentation on slideshare. Volunteering in your community is good for you.

And plugging in to STC is good for you, too. STC has great stuff.

  • Professional development
    • Tools
    • Soft skills, too
  • Networking
    • Experts
    • Contacts
    • Job leads

I am lucky enough to live near the Washington DC/Baltimore area. The WDCB STC chapter really kicks butt at professional opportunities. Check out the events page for our chapter to see what I mean.

WDCB STC has both face to face and online events. When I attend these events, I get to hang out with some of the superstars and rising leaders of #TechComm. By attending the programs, I have picked up new tools and tips for the tools I’m already using. We have partnerships with local techie groups like InfoDevDC and UXPA DC where I can pick up related skills for my toolbox.

By volunteering for STC, I get to learn from some of the best thought leaders, project managers, and writers in the business. Just by watching them coordinate programs and volunteers, I have picked up some great soft skills like setting priorities, delegating, empowering the super-powered, and letting go of the kryptonite.

I live about 80 miles from the metro area, which means it can take me up to 3 hours to get there in the heavy traffic. I consider the travel time part of my investment in my own professional growth.

Find your closest chapter on the STC society website.

Find a SIG (special interest group) on the STC society website.

And check out the job boards on the WDCB and STC websites. Both are great resources for job seekers, hiring managers, and for the rest of us who are just looking to make our own set of skills more marketable.


I’d appreciate your support in the election. But more importantly, I want you to say “Yes” to STC. We need you.

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