There’s room for you

STC is a big organization that depends on volunteers for its success. We need volunteers like you. Here are a few things you can do to get started.

  • Attend events in person and on line
  • Volunteer for essential jobs that are simple to do
  • Share what you know
  • Learn what others share and laugh at their jokes
  • Spread the good news of technical communication in your world

This is where I talk about how easy it is to get started as a volunteer for STC. There are as many little and big jobs for which we need volunteers as there are people who need a place to plug in. You could volunteer to hand out name tags at an event. You could volunteer to spread the good news on social media. You could submit a proposal for a presentation of one of your #TechComm super-powers.

Or you could just attend an event and meet the folks who are already volunteering. We need supportive participants as well as volunteers. Be sure to laugh at the jokes and smile at the presenters. And tweet photos of the presenters while you’re at it. You can get started just by showing up.

Find your closest chapter on the STC society website.

Find a SIG (special interest group) on the STC society website.


I’d appreciate your support in the election. But more importantly, I want you to say “Yes” to STC. We need you.

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2 thoughts on “There’s room for you

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