Viqui for president . . . said nobody ever

Viqui for president? Well, maybe not. But I really would like to cast my vote for the candidate who upholds my values and beliefs about what’s good for the country.

But really, that’s too much to ask. The only person who upholds all of my personal values and all of my personal beliefs is me. And sometimes, it isn’t even me, because I tend to change my mind from time to time depending on the circumstances.

This post is in response to a petition circulating among the Mennonite community, asking believers to pledge not to vote.

I think it’s just dumb.

First of all, we don’t vote for our God. Choosing a God doesn’t work that way.

Second of all, elected officials are . . . well . . . elected. That means some of us have to vote for them. Some of us have to vote.

I have to admit, I love the electoral process. Choosing a candidate forces me to examine my own heart. I have to listen to all the nice speeches and surf the websites and really listen to both sides. I have to question the positions and decide if I agree.

Then I have to make some kind of decision about who I am and what I believe. I’m going to like some things about both sides and dislike some things about both sides. And then I’m going to have to parse out the real differences and set priorities.

It’s a lot of work to do that much soul searching. I can hear it in the words of my fellow citizens as they react to the speeches and counterpoint. We get angry. We get defensive. We get afraid. We also get happy and feel proud. It’s quite an emotional ride, this election process.

So I’m going to ask you to join me in this journey. Let’s do the hard work of research and self examination. Let’s find out who we are and what’s really important. Let’s choose a candidate and let’s get out and vote.

And after the election, let’s reform as a community and do the difficult work of forgiveness. Let’s celebrate and grieve. Let’s reconcile. Let’s live together.